This is my name Areti Ketime.
                     I am musician & singer from Greece I play the Santouri and sing Traditional songs from variety  music of Greece. Greek Traditional ♫                                 Rempetika ♫ Smyrneika.
                     I Was born and growned up  in Athens, my origins come from villages of Messologi.
                     I Started to learn how to play the santouri from the nameable teacher Aristeidis Moschos . I took also lessons from Βelorussian                                         virtuoso Aggelia Tkatsieva.
                     12 years old when my teacher passed away, I didn’t have way how to learn new songs to santouri and without understand how

                     I started to sing.


          2003: To tragoudi tis Aretis, MINOS-EMI

          2010: Me ti foni tis Aretis, LEGEND

          2011: Kali Tyxi, LEGEND

          2012: Pinakas zografikis, ΚΑΘΡΕΦΤΗΣ

          2014: Aidonaki mou, Re-Define Productions


          2002: I corporated with George Dalaras  on the program ZYGOS .
          2003: I played with George Dalaras, Glykeria and Estoudiantina orchestra at Herodio  tribute to Asia Minor.

          2004: I opened the ceremony of the Olympic games of Athens with the traditional song ’’ Mes toy Aigaiou ‘’.
          2006: I played at Epidaurus the Greek ancient tragedy ‘’Oidipous Tyranos’’.
                     I also played with Estoudiantina in concerts and celebrations all over the Greece and performance ‘review in Apostolos Kaldaras’. With                             Melina Aslanidou,Stelios Dionysiou.

                     The Next years I played a lot with Manos Ahalinotopoulos (klarino) and Estoudiantina 
          2008: In the music Hall of Thessaloniki (during the orthodox adorable week) ‘‘Byzantine hymns of the holly week’’ orchestra of  municipality                               Thessaloniki.
                     I also played at patriarchate of Alexandria with G.Papaemanouil at patriarchate ’s library inauguration.
                     I Played with With George Kotsinis in Aristi Hepirus tribute in ‘’songs emigration’’
          2009: I played with Eleni Vitali & Haig Yazdijian at Kyttaro Hall .
          2010: I played at ‘’Half note jazz club’’ with Dilek Koc the program ‘’our common songs’’ Greece Turkey.
                     I played with orchestra of Mikis Theodorakis in his birthday at Lycabetus   theatre. 
                     Also at ''Onasis Cultural center'' tribute to the Greek composers Stayros Kougioumtzis  & Dimitris Lagios and the author ''Panait Istrati''
                     With Dimitris Papadimitriou,Maria Farantouri,Pantelis Thalassinos,Manolis Lidakis,Orfeas Peridis,Foteini Velesiotou.
          2011: TV shows ‘‘Byzantine hymns of the holly week’’ with Charilaos Taliadoros and Christos Chalkias.

                     Summer tour with TAKIM BAND and Pantelis Thalassinos around the Greece
          2012: I Played with Glykeria and Dilek Koc ‘’smirneiko minore’’ tribute to Asia minor music .
2013-2014: Pontian songs with Tsahouridi brothers – Konstantinos & Matthaios .
                     Theatrical play  -children version- ''Erotokritos & Aretousa'' Ilias Karellas (Director) theatre Kappa.
                     I played also with Vassilis Saleas and his sons Nikos and Stamatis at tv show ‘’Oloi oi kaloi horane’’
          2015: America tour with  Grigoris & Petros Papaemanouil. Manolis Kottoros violin, Achilleas Wastor (maestro).
                     Shantel & Areti Ketime / EastWest - Dysi Ki Anatoli  music-lyrics Areti Ketime & Shantel .

          2016: Areti Ketime & Katerina Tsiridou European tour with Rembetiko project

2017-2017: "To agori me tin valitsa" theatre for children of Ilias Karellas with Dimitris Makalias (star) My music direction sounds Armenia Arabic and                           sefardi songs. 

                     National finalist for 2018 Eurovision Concert-Lisbon, with the song "don't forget the sun"- "Min ksehnas ton ilio" lyrics and music Dimitris                         Karras

                     In general I have worked  and I am still working  with all the folk artists of my country and not just them, in celebrations but also in                                     concerts !

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